The Irenaeus Centre

Many of you will be aware that we have been given the use of St.Thomas’s church in Waterloo and that we are  developing it into a spirituality and outreach centre .

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The Sanctuary area has been retained as a space for prayer and reflection.This area has bi-folding doors at the back so that it can be opened up.

 The central part of the Church is has been converted into a room that can seat 120 people, with bi-folding doors to create two smaller rooms, and when the whole area is opened up it will seat 200 people.

 The current porch is  a reception area to welcome people. We have a  bookshop and the side aisles are a place to relax read and share with Coffee and tea available.

The hall will be multi-purpose and is a larger dining area for groups and for meetings of up to 45 people. We also plan to develop a ‘Food Cupboard’ those who need a little support. 

                                               IRENAEUS NEEDS YOU! 

As we begin to open up and begin to set up new projects for example a ‘Drop in’ area, Book shop and ‘Food Cupboard’ we need volunteers to help run things. If you are interested and want to find out more contact                                     


 We continue to need your financial help