All for Jesus

I once heard the story of a man who suffered terribly in one of the Prisoner of war camps. He was eventually released from the camp at the end of the war, skin and bone and with developed huge gangrenous sores all over his body. He was taken to a hospital where he lay for many weeks, semi-conscious. During that time, he was aware of a figure in white bathing him and changing the bandages on his wounds and he was aware of a phrase being uttered, ‘All for Jesus’

Eventually he discovered the white figure was an elderly nun who went far beyond the call of duty. She would sit at night with the dying and comforting those who were tormented with nightmares as well as doing her normal duties. When he was able he walked in the grounds of the hospital and found a queue of hungry children being fed by the sister in white. Wherever she was, the phrase ‘all for Jesus’ was never far from her lips.

To believe is much more than just head knowledge. Belief is about everything that we are heart mind body soul. It’s about our relationship with a living God being the very bedrock of our lives. That relationship has an impact with every other reality.


So our relationship with Jesus is vital. Prayer, reflection on the Scriptures and time are what makes that grow.

That man became a Christian because of the witness of that woman’s life. Clever theological arguments will never convince anyone of who Jesus is