Parish Retreats

We have brought together a team of people from around the Diocese who are willing to give of their time and their skill to help others grow in and share their faith ..

People have told us how their understanding of faith has changed. We’ve heard of how images of God have been gently transformed. We’ve sensed a new confidence in people believing that they have something to share. We’ve seen people become more aware of the need for prayer and reflection in their lives.

The missions/retreats have never taken the same form in any two places. We tailor them to suit your needs. We’ve had a week on the Sacraments, a week on change, a week on images of God. We’ve led Parish weekends on the Scriptures. We’ve done retreats that have lasted several weeks with one night’s input per week and suggested reflections to help people through the weeks The list goes on but each time the effect on people has been amazing.

If you are interested in a week like this in your Parish contact us at Irenaeus