The Gift of Scripture

Have you seen the exciting and prophetic document from the Bishops of England and Wales and of Scotland? We can help you explore the Scriptures as a means for living our lives.

"Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ" St Jerome


Good food, beautiful house, lovely grounds, near the beach …  at Irenaeus we offer Scripture retreats where there is a chance to reflect and pray through the challenges given by the Word of God. These normally last for a weekend… WHAT A GIFT!


Input … Drawing on the wisdom of contemporary Biblical study and putting it simply.

Sharing … Giving people a chance to talk about their life’s experience.

With Prayer …Throughout every session there are always times of prayer to help the process of reflection.


To look at the Scriptures as a group can be very rewarding. We can offer evenings or days of reflection on the Scriptures to help your Parish or group grow a little more in understanding the Word of God. We can offer an introduction to the New Testament or to the Old Testament. Maybe a series of sessions on the Psalms or a particular Gospel.